Upcoming Event: “It’s Time”

The Pike Association is offering several church strengthening events this Spring.  The first is “Revitalized Churches” (co-sponsored with the Kentucky Baptist Convention) on February 29 and March 1.  The second is “It’s Time”, a 3-session event on March 14 led by Ron Edmondson (RonEdmondson.com) and the staff of Immanuel Baptist Church in Lexington.  Here are the specifics:

Session #1: “Its time…for church leaders to be strengthened and revitalized”
11:30-1:30 Led by Dan Russell
* Lunch will be provided. Please call the PASB office at 432-2660 to RSVP.

Dan has served as the Care and Adult Pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church for three years. His varied background includes serving as a Lay Minister, a Mission Pastor, a Senior Pastor as well as a Director of Missions. He has also served on the Mission Board and a number of committees with the Kentucky Baptist Convention. He and his wife, Lyda, have three children and six grandchildren.

Session #2: “Its time…for the church to be mobilized”
2:00-3:00 Led by David Howard

Originally from the Sunshine state, David has been at Immanuel almost two decades. He has served in several capacities and currently serves as the Associate Pastor. His duties are wide and varied, many of which build upon his long term involvement at the church. David and Kelly are the parents to three sons and are happy grandparents to triplets!

Session #3: :Its time…for the churches to multiply”
6:00pm Led by Ron Edmondson
*This session will be during the Pike Association Spring Meeting. Fellowship meal begins at 5:00pm

Ron Edmondson is a pastor, teacher and church leadership consultant. Ron has led in two church plants and is currently Senior Pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky. He spent over 20 years in the business world with 10 years in retail management, and then became self-employed until entering the ministry 14 years ago. In business, Ron owned an insurance agency, which was one of the fastest growing in the state, and a small manufacturing facility employing over 35 people. Ron blogs almost daily at ronedmondson.com. An avid runner, Ron’s greatest moments are found spending time with his wife and two grown sons and a daughter-in-law.

Participants can choose to attend any or all of these sessions. Lunch will be provided during Session #1. Please RSVP to 432-2660 if you plan to attend the lunch session.

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