Why You Should Participate in LoveLoud

loveloud2 - croppedThinking about registering for LoveLoud 2016, but you haven’t quite made your mind up yet?  Consider these 6 benefits that you will experience if you participate in LoveLoud:

1. You will experience an evangelistic spark.  When a church develops or regains an outward focus, good things usually happen.  By design, LoveLoud is an outward-focused event.  If you need to become more evangelistic and outward-focused, LoveLoud participation will certainly help!


2. You will develop a greater kingdom mindset, both locally and globally.  When local churches work together on different projects, folks begin to see that we are all in this together.  In other words, churches begin to see that we are in cooperation with sister churches, not in competition with them.  This is the greater kingdom mindset on a local scale.  On the global scale, as you live on mission, you will probably develop greater appreciation and support (in all of its forms) for our full-time NAMB and IMB missionaries.


3. The kingdom of darkness will be pushed back.  As you know, we have at least 45,000 lost people in Pike County alone and approximately 60,000 unchurched people.  The darkness is everywhere, but with our local churches working together throughout the area for a solid week, there is no doubt that the kingdom of darkness will be pushed back as the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed in deed and in truth.


4. Our communities will take notice.  The 700+ random acts of kindness during last year’s LoveLoud event certainly made an impact on our communities.  You have a tremendous opportunity to make a tangible impact on the people that live right around you this year as well!  In other words, let’s be salt & light!


5. You will have ideas about projects that you can bring back and implement in your church throughout the year.  Almost all of the LoveLoud projects can be reproduced as often as you like in your local church, and you can help to lead those efforts.


6. God is glorified!  The Great Commission is not an optional endeavor for you or for me.  God has commanded us to live on mission for Him, both locally and globally.  As we do so, the fame of Jesus’ name is proclaimed, and God is glorified.  There is no greater benefit than this!


What are you waiting for?  Register for LoveLoud 2016 today!  Click here to be taken to our LoveLoud page to download an application form.

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